Team Cert Days Ukraine

Erika Paasche

Key Account Manager

"Key Account & Partner Manager at iSQI - growing and enabling the partner network in South Eastern Europe. Being part of the sales team with focus on partner management, my job is to strengthen our cooperation with partners such as licensing bodies (boards), training providers and other key accounts in South Eastern Europe."
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Elena Papoyan

Operations & Responsible for exams

„My main tasks are to organize and control exams in Eastern Europe. For the Cert Days, I have an eye on the mock-up-exams. If you pass, you will hear from me. If you fail, too."
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Suzanna Salem

Product & Partner Manager

„I get to know many people during my work. I love to stay in contact with experts who are always up to date with IT knowledge. I am responsible for communication with our partners. If you need further information to certifications ask me. Either I answer you by myself or I’ll give you the appropriate contact person.”
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Iryna Sokolovska

Representation & Communication Ukraine

„To push and to promote the important information for all who work in the IT-Business in Ukraine, that is my focus. The Cert Days are a very good possibility to get all details about certification and upskilling in different branches.”
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Gerhard Wistuba

Editor and Online Content Manager

“I am pleased when visitors feel comfortable on our website. If there are any suggestions or design-ideas, write me an e-mail. And if there is anything, that works not so well, tell me. I will fix the bug as fast as I can.”
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